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3 Benefits of an IP-PBX Phone System

Delta Intellicom IP-BPX Phone System

An IP-PBX phone system keeps your business connected to its customers at an affordable price.

What kind of business you have can determine what kind of phone system you need. For most businesses, the IP-PBX system is the superior option over a traditional PBX, which is generally only used by emergency services now due to their guaranteed stability. This type of phone system comes with several important benefits over a traditional PBX system.


The savings between an IP-PBX phone system and a traditional PBX system are extreme. PBX systems do not have internet connectivity, so every single person with a line needs their own hardware and installation. This can cost around $1,000 per person, making it a massive investment. IP-PBX systems use internet connectivity, so every phone doesn’t need to be hard-lined. This system only costs around $30 a month per user, making it highly affordable even for small businesses.


Since you need hardware for every user, traditional PBX lacks versatility. If you hire more employees, you will need to pay for more phone lines. IP-PBX is a cloud-based system, so new lines can be added or disconnected at any time without issue. This offers a lot of leeway for businesses, especially small businesses that are growing. As your business expands, you don’t need to worry about excessive new hardware. Your new employees just need phones and wires to get hooked up to your IP-PBX system.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the greatest benefits of an IP-PBX system is the boost in customer loyalty. These systems use algorithms and smart technology to route your customers where they need to go. Customers who have to be transferred, or wait for extended periods of time, are less inclined to do business with your company again. They want to feel appreciated and heard, and an IP-PBX system makes it easier for your business to achieve this.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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