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Patuxent High School

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – DELTA TELEPHONE & CABLING, Inc., a leading local provider of advanced telecommunications and data services, recently completed an extensive upgrade of the telephone network for Patuxent High School, one of the largest facilities in the Calvert County, Md. School system.

The assignment to update the school’s old phone system was given by the county school board. Delta Telephone had finished work on the system by the time school started. The new system installed by Delta now provides callers with faster routing of calls by re-engineering the way the existing phone system interfaces with the paging network. This allows for easy “one-touch” transfer to
any phone, or page to any enabled phone anywhere in the school, all while helping the school board trim its telecommunications operating costs due to increased efficiency.

According to Delta’s Senior Project Manager: “The people at Patuxent love
the new system. It saves the office steps, time and money, and without any problems!”

“Our mission (from Calvert County Schools) was to upgrade the school’s phone system in a limited amount of time,” said David Lanzi, President of Delta Telephone. “In addition, the extremely complicated system had to be installed in an area where space was tight. Not only did Delta meet the deadline and install our system in the space allocated, but it was up and running without the need for extensive de-bugging. This is indicative of how Delta develops creative and effective solutions to the challenges presented to us in a timely manner, answering our customers’ business needs with quality equipment and products.”

Ahma Medical Billing Professionals

Our company moved on a Friday and our call center was up and running Monday morning. This was amazing to our CEO and employees because there were so many other changes happening at the same time. Delta technicians had their hands full, but allowed us to re-open our call center Monday morning with zero downtime. We had a new Local/Long Distance provider, expansions & upgrades to our existing phone system, plus extension re-mappings, call center messages and new racks and patch panels to hook up.

As a medical billing call center, our phones are the heart of our business. I am glad that we picked Delta, and have continued our support contract. Several other firms we dealt with in the past had bad customer service, technicians without enough training, or used parts that were sub-standard. During the bidding process, we had each competing firm send a technician out to work on the same problem we had with our reporting for call center software, and Delta was the only one that could fix it in one visit. Since the move, Delta technicians have shown me more about the system than I knew prior to the move, making my job as the phone
Administrator much easier.

I would recommend Delta Telephone and Cabling and Nortel’s products to any company who depends on their call center to do business.

Associates in Cardiology, P.A.

It has been a year and a half since we have purchased our phone system. We are very pleased with the product and I would highly recommend the system and your company to any other offices.

The installation went right on schedule as promised. The very first day we moved to our new suite, as orientation was given by one of your staff. My receptionist quickly became proficient at utilizing the phone system.

I have found all the employees at Delta to be very professional and helpful. I respectfully liked the advanced one-on-one training I received as the administrator of the system. This was extremely helpful in learning the more advanced uses of the phones.
For any busy office with multiple receptionists answering the phone, I would highly recommend the call center features. It allows us to answer the phones in a timely and organized fashion. It also prevents anyone from ignoring the calls as the system routes the phone calls on an equal basis.

I have also found you to be extremely responsive to needs that arose after the initial system needed to be adapted to meet our specific office needs.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you and Delta Telephone and Cabling.

Boston Properties

Please use this letter as my strong and personal recommendation of Delta for any data or telephone cabling job large or small.

In January of 2004, Delta began a large cabling job for a 720,000sq office space under development by Boston Properties at 901 New York Avenue. Since that time, Delta has handled a number of other smaller cabling jobs throughout the Washington DC region. Including a 500,000sq office building in Reston V.A., a 30,000sq space at 600 Maryland Avenue in downtown Washington and much smaller office spaces all across the area.

Throughout each and every project, Delta has met and completed projects in a timely and efficient manner. They have also consistently provided skilled technicians with excellent customer services skills to assist with troubleshooting issues within the original scope of work in addition to last minute additions and unexpected changes that were required prior to completion.

Delta has shown extreme dedication to Boston Properties as a client and produced work products and results of the highest quality. I look forward to continuing the working relationship with Delta in the future!

Colombo Bank

I would like to say thanks for helping us get control of our phone system. When I first started this job we were having problems with our previous phone support. All kinds of problems ranging from lack of returning phone calls, they would not show up, and I couldn’t get them to give me a phone number list or the passwords to the phone system. So I was lucky enough to find Delta to fix our phone problems we had and even explained how the phone system was configured. Reset our admin passwords on the phone systems so we would have them in house and were very open with sharing information with our IT staff so we could change things ourselves. Delta always showed up on time for appointments, were very knowledgeable, professional and sometimes even walked us through our problems over the phone. I would recommend Delta to any one looking for a phone support company that holds there company interest at heart.

Dulles Electric Supply Corp

I wanted to take a minute to send you a letter thanking you and the Delta staff for all of their efforts to make the installation of our new phone system and paging system a huge success.

As you know, I had a lot on my plate during the construction of our new facility but Delta did a great job of taking the phone system and paging system install off of my plate and making sure everything went smooth. It was clear to me during the entire process that everyone at Delta had my best interests in mind and did whatever it took to get things done in such a way that we were 100% satisfied.

I look forward to continuing to work with your team as we move forward in our new building.

Please let everyone know how much I appreciate their efforts.

DVA Federal Credit Union

Just a quick note to let you know how satisfied we are here at DVA Federal Credit Union that we found you and Delta to handle our telecommunications needs.

Last year when our previous vendor left us “high and dry” after a telecommunications conversion, we contacted you and asked to help us out of a bad situation. You quickly assessed our situation, sent in a team of experts to evaluate our status and advised us on the best ways to move forward with out new system. Your team provided us with valuable training on how our system works and how we could get the most of it.

Delta has provided a maintenance contract that will be the best defense against down time and the prevention of unexpected repair expenses.

We also had several cabling projects to be completed and the Delta professionalism did not miss a beat.

We look forward to more great years with Delta.

Easter Seals Disability Services

It has been over one year since we purchased our phone system. We have been very pleased with the product and I would highly recommend the system and your company to other organizations.

The installation of the equipment went very smoothly and your technical staff took the time to train our staff on the use of the new system. Everybody that we have dealt with at Delta has been very knowledgeable and professional. I have found that Delta’s staff has been very assessable to me when necessary.

Once again, I would gladly recommend Delta to anyone who is in need of a business phone system.