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Retail/Executive Placement Associates

I decided to move my office to a new and much larger space. One of my major concerns was finding a vendor well versed in both telephone and technological communication.

I spent over a month researching and speaking with vendors and looked at every phone system imaginable. I feel very fortunate to have decided to use Delta. They understood my needs and priced a system accordingly. I purchased a very utilitarian and timeless system and have not regretted it for 1 single minute in the 15 months we have been using it.

All the support work, including extensive cabling was done in accordance with the original contract, earlier then promised. The training and service both at the onset of the installation and also on a continuing basis has been terrific. My account executive has been a pleasure to deal with and even now, in the rare situation where I need to speak with him or a service person from his firm, I get an immediate call back.

I looked at systems that were cheaper where the Marketing Rep. promised me the Sun, Moon and Stars. Delta’s system is not the cheapest, and they didn’t offer me anything more then his normal service, which compared to most other people I run into these days, is head and shoulders better then other people in the same business.

Great American Restaurant

It has been since the early 1990’s that Great American Restaurants first purchased their phone system with Delta. I was pleased with the quality of service and equipment back then and remain pleased to this day.

We have continued using Delta over the years for your professionalism and for your constant attentiveness to our needs.

You are an essential asset to Delta. We will continue to purchase our phone needs through you in the future.

GTM Architects

I would like to thank you and all the people at Delta for their hard work and commitment to GTM Architects. One of my major concerns during the office move was a loss of telephone company to have our phone and T1 connection live even before we packed our find box. Delta technicians were in our office days before the move getting the new phone system installed and configured with our new phones, so that our employees needed to do was answer incoming calls.

Even with all the setup work, none of it would have gone as smoothly as it did if you had not taken the time to educate our employees. We appreciated the classes you gave the week before the move instructing us about the phones and their functions, When we had individual questions, your technicians gave clear and informative answers. They also came the day we opened for business to answer any question about the phones, and to put out any unforeseen fires.

I would like to thank you and your team again. If we had gone with another company, I doubt the transition would have gone so well.

Health Care for the Homeless

It is approaching one year since we began contracting with Delta to handle our phones and wiring here at Health Care for the Homeless, and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Delta for the hard work and excellent service we have received. We are as you know a multi-disciplinary health care clinic and good communication both within our facility and outside is essential for us to do our job. Delta has provided us with excellent service whenever we needed it, from the operators to the service techs who respond to the service calls. We are completely satisfied with the service we have received. I would also like to thank you personally for the outstanding customer service you have provided in emergencies in the past year. Your quick response and follow-up to all of our requests has been excellent. We look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Delta, I believe any company wanting to do business with you, should consider themselves extremely fortunate.

John Kerry for President

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude for the professional and excellent service you and your team afforded us when wiring our 7th floor and meeting our rigorous deadline. Without Delta, I fear this project would not have been completed in time. Your project lead is an asset to your organization -he knows his trade better than anyone I have seen, and his expertise and competency is most prevalent when he is managing his crew. Please allow this letter to serve as some small testament to his technical and managerial abilities.

Karn Charuhas Chapman & Twohey

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the installation services we received September 30th, 2002. Your service tech, James, was very knowledgeable and efficient. His suggestion of using existing wiring not only saved our firm money, but limited disruption to our employees on a fay with important deadlines. Please thank him for his curious and excellent work.

Paragon Bioservices, Inc.

I wanted to provide some feedback regarding the start-to-end process of procuring our VOIP phone system.

Sales Relationship

I was put at ease rather early into the process when we began discussing phone systems primarily because you and the Delta team asked questions and listened to our responses and needs when sizing up a system quote. This may seem obvious, but other vendors were quick to either try to make the system they wanted to sell fit into my requirements, or resisted providing specific details about the system – promising instead it would simply do everything I could ever need it to do (further clarification revealed significant shortcomings in their proposal.)

Installation & Service

Delta’s technician’s have provided stellar service. They really came through for us when installing the system and getting it running between the time the circuit were finished and occupancy was started (a matter of a few days). They provided prompt follow-up support while we twisted the configuration of the system to meet our unique needs for a four-person reception group (each of whom pull double-duty as a receptionist plus another job function). They have been easily reachable via email or phone to answer questions regarding operations or configuration as they arise, and I typically get resolution on the first call (those few that have required more investigation were resolved on the second call).


The system dovetailed nicely into our particular phone service (dynamic access TI with two POTS lines) and as seen no hardware issues to date. There was a brief software-related issue that surfaced due to our unique configurations, and Delta worked with the manufacturer to apply the necessary patches to resolve it.

We have deployed roughly 50 IP phone sets and had only a single phone show an intermittent hardware problem. It was a promptly replaced, installed, and there have been no issues since.

Overall, the system has delivered all the benefits and functionally Paragon needs to support its business , today and for years to come. Employees are leveraging features never before available to them to increase productivity and improve communication both within the facility and with our customers.

Mainly thanks to you and the entire Delta team for all you hard work!


PS – I almost forgot to mention; in addition to the above, you’re A/R team was very respectful and patient while we worked out some confusion around our bank financing of the VOIP solution. It was sincerely appreciated to be engaged in a spirit of cooperation toward resolving the issue rather than one of confrontation.

Penzance Properties

I am pleased to offer this letter as a positive reference for Delta. Delta has worked with our company for years, providing excellent technical and friendly support as we grew from a small office with a few employees to an organization with several satellite offices.

Perhaps the most important aspect of our relationship with Delta is trust. They, without fail, helped us to intelligently plan our services and systems around the needs of our organization. Their team of technicians have treated us from day one, as if we were their only customers. The technical knowledge and helpful attitude of the technical staff is simply amazing.

I viewed Delta as more than a service vendor; they are a partner in our success.