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Are Landline Telephones Still Relevant for Businesses?

Friday, July 29th, 2022
Delta Intellicom Landline Telephones

Landline telephones can seem like old-school tech that isn’t worth paying for, but they still provide several important benefits for businesses.

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for ways to cut costs and decrease overhead. But you don’t want to cut out things that are really important to your employees or vital to the way you do business. The point of cost-cutting is to improve profit margins – and decreasing productivity hinders that goal.  So if a tool, process, or service is vital to your employees’ workflow and productivity, you need to keep it. But does that include your “landline” telephone?  With nearly everyone now having cell phones, and much business communication happening on internet video conferencing, it feels like a traditional phone system might be more than a little outdated.  Is a landline telephone even relevant for business anymore?

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How Scalable Phone Systems Benefit Your Business

Friday, June 24th, 2022
Delta Intellicom Scalable Phone Systems

Scalable phone systems can save you money in the long run and offer the necessary flexibility for your company and its employees.

Scalable phone systems mean always having a functional, efficient system regardless of how many calls you receive or phone lines you need. So, how does your current phone system measure up? If it’s cumbersome to add lines when you need them, or your phones start acting up when you get over a certain number of incoming calls, you should consider revamping your system with a more manageable, scalable phone system. So, what exactly do scalable phone systems look like, and how do they make it easier for your growing business?

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Top Benefits Of Using RingCentral

Friday, January 14th, 2022
Top Benefits Of Using RingCentral Delta Intellicom

Ultimately, having these tools — like RingCentral can enhance the overall communication efforts and methods implemented within your business — thereby allowing it to thrive and grow a lot more seamlessly and effectively.

When it comes to maximum security, there is no denying that RingCentral is a great option — mainly as most people are constantly on their desktop or phone. RingCentral is a perfect way to access all your communications virtually anytime. The reality is that RingCentral users can easily access their communication methods via mobile apps, websites, or desktop machines. Ultimately, many businesses are implementing more stringent measures to ensure that their employees can get their jobs done effectively and efficiently, especially when not working from a traditional office setting. Here are just some of the biggest perks companies gain when they add RingCentral to their business.

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Advantages Of Using Toshiba Laptop For Your Business

Friday, January 7th, 2022
Advantages Of Using Toshiba Laptop For Your Business Delta Intellicom

Toshiba laptops are traditionally designed with the users in mind.

When it comes to a work computer — laptops typically reign supreme. Using a Toshiba laptop for your business is a great way to provide your employees with an effective and efficient work computer that will allow your business to excel and thrive for many years to come. The reality is that employees need a work computer they can rely on, which can be durable enough to travel with — especially as most companies are using some form of remote work right now. Ultimately, the Toshiba laptop is relatively stable and incredibly functional. Here are some of the hugest perks of having Toshiba laptops for your company.

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4 Reasons Why A Multi-Line Business Phone System Is Worth It

Friday, October 8th, 2021
 4 Reasons Why A Multi-Line Business Phone System Is Worth It

Installing a multi-line business phone system will help you manage the dozens of calls you go through.

By installing a multi-line business phone system, you ensure that you’re always available to your customers, thus developing long-lasting working relationships. You’ll also notice a bump in your office communication and overall productivity. We all know the value of having quality phone services. Still, a multi-line business phone system specifically can offer several benefits and address many needs that businesses of various sizes may be facing.

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Adapting Your Business Telecommunications to the Digital Sales Age

Thursday, May 13th, 2021
delta intellicom business telecommunications

More and more people are using e-commerce solutions nowadays, so having good business telecommunications is key to success.

We’ve learned a lot of things over the course of the last year when it comes to sales. In an instant, almost everything everywhere was instantly changed to online-only, even in industries we never thought possible, like office work, grocery, and manufacturing. Even kids in school and university had to immediately switch to online forms of learning at home exclusively practically overnight. This world event led to a huge increase in online traffic sales, and with that, increased online business telecommunications. Some industries that were already adapted to online selling did fine or maybe even thrived during the pandemic. But others that weren’t prepared fell short in terms of business telecommunication. Here are a few steps you can take action to improve your business telecommunications in the age of primarily digital sales. Read the rest of this entry »

How Call Recording Helps Your Business Succeed

Thursday, March 11th, 2021
delta intellicom call recording

Call recording is an extremely useful tool in the telecommunications industry.

Fun fact: did you know that call recording originated from answering machine technology? Back in the 1930s,  the first answering machine was developed with magnetic tape strips to allow users to leave a short recording if no one was available at that time. This recording technology eventually paved the way for the first tape recorder, which was used for many years to record phone calls. The answering machine’s time is long gone in the modern age, and call recording is now done 100% digitally. Call recording and monitoring are used by thousands of businesses and corporate spaces nowadays for a multitude of reasons. Here are some core reasons why call recording can help refine and build your business towards success. Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of Video Conferencing In a Business

Friday, May 22nd, 2020
Benefits of Video Conferencing In a Business

Sometimes, a phone call or a text chat is not enough to express ideas to coworkers, business associates, or other parties. Video conferencing can fill those gaps in communication!

The primary purpose of technology is to make simple tasks easier and more efficient. Sometimes, a phone call or a text chat is not enough to express ideas to coworkers, business associates, or other parties. This situation is among the many reasons why video conferencing can be a massive benefit to a business’s daily operations. When considering if video conferencing is a worthwhile investment, keep in mind the following advantages and perhaps tips and tricks from experts. Read the rest of this entry »