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The Most Essential Features of a Great Business Phone System

Friday, February 10th, 2017
Great Business Phone System

A great business phone system is able to accommodate your employees who are constantly on the go.

As your premise-based phone system nears the end of its life, it will become critically important to identify the features your business needs. You’ll end up having to shop for the next great business phone system that will help your business stay competitive in the digital age. If you’re looking for a phone system that will help you increase productivity and collaboration, a cloud-based system may have the features you’re looking for. Here are some of the most essential features that you should look for in your next great business phone system. Read the rest of this entry »

Growing Businesses need Mobility

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

Business Mobility

When it comes to growing a small business, mobility has become a key factor. In previous years, time and money has been spent on providing devices along with technology training for employees. Once the devices were distributed for use by the business, time was then spent on monitoring the devices to ensure they are being used properly. In today’s business world, employees are more willing to bring in their own devices, such as cellular phones, laptops, and tablets, to the office. Businesses no longer need to spend the time or money to train their employees or purchase devices, which means that time and money can be spent helping to grow the business. Mobility as an option with your business also comes with a number of other benefits as well. These benefits include:

  1. Productivity- Employees are able to complete work without being physically in the office. The ability to access documents, contact information, and e-mails allow more to get done in less time.
  2. Money- Mobility allows employees to stay connected to clients no matter where they are located. By eliminating the need to travel, businesses are saving money on travel expenses along with saving time that would have been wasted during travel. Should travel still be necessary, employees still have the ability to work during travel.
  3. Customers- Mobility allows customers and clients to stay connected to your employees at all times. This eliminates the feeling of being pushed aside or forgotten by customers and will help strengthen the relationship your business has with its customers.

Delta Intellicom understands how important mobility is for a growing small business. We offer top products from the biggest names within the telecommunication industry such as Shoretel and Avaya to ensure your business stays connected and mobile. We also offer maintenance and monitoring services for your networks and phone systems to prevent any downtime that may occur.

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