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5 Ways to Handle High Call Volume

Friday, August 26th, 2022
Delta Intellicom High Call Volume

A call center experiencing high call volume is stressful for both employees and customers, but there are strategies to make it easier on everyone.

A high call volume is when a company has a 10% increase in calls above its usual volume. If you want your call center to thrive, it’s best to utilize the best strategies to handle a high call volume is a must. It threatens your reputation and bottom line when a client or customer is on hold for too long. Some customers are willing to wait, but the truth is that they become frustrated after about two-three minutes. Fortunately, any business can manage high call volume. Here are five ways you and your team can do so. 

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Managing High Call Volume to Small Business Phone System

Friday, March 20th, 2020
Managing High Call Volume to Small Business Phone System

A small business phone system is not like one you would find at a call center. How can you manage high volume of calls to your business while providing customers with timely service?

Telecommunication and a business’ network is the backbone by which a small business can serve their customers. When a business’ customer base grows, it is only logical that their over-the-phone support would be in higher demand. Any failures or slowdowns when serving customers via these systems can result in negative consequences for a business. Even if an upgrade is not possible, there are a few things a company can do to help mitigate a higher demand on its telecommunication system. Read the rest of this entry »