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How Wired Networks Are Still Better Than Wifi

Friday, July 15th, 2016
wired networks

Wireless technology is convenient, but it doesn’t offer all the benefits of a wired connection.

With how much modern society relies on the internet, it’s amazing just how much we take for granted. Many young people have never even heard of an ethernet cable, much less realize you can use one to connect the internet. With the convenience and prevalence of wifi networks, why would you ever opt for a wired connection? While it’s true that wired technology is old, there are still a number of key advantages to wired networks that shouldn’t be overlooked.
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The Status on the Verizon Strikes

Friday, June 17th, 2016

Verizon and unions in a heated battle over labor rights.

Verizon is likely to bring closure to a series of strikes that began in April after reaching an agreement with two major unions, Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electronic workers. The unions, representing over 40,000 striking workers, argued that the company was more than profitable enough to support a large work force along with good, fair benefits and wages. Read the rest of this entry »