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Break Fix and Repair
Lightning can be a beautiful sight until you come into work the next day, and all your systems are down.
Phone System Down or Break Fix and Repair call Delta Intellicom at +1(800) 946-3358

Delta Intellicom stocks over 3000 phone system repair parts specifically for these type of reasons. No matter what the vintage of your equipment, chances are we have the parts in stock to get you back up and operational in short order. Delta Intellicom has factory trained service technicians available to assist with your every need. Where you need emergency services, replacement phones, handsets, cords, etc. chances are it’s here.

Here is a partial listing of items that we maintain in our inventory:

  • System Processors
  • Chassis and Associated Hardware
  • Digital and Analog Trunk Cards
  • Phone Sets – Digital, IP and Wireless
  • Cords: Cat5e, Cat6, Phone Receiver and Base Cords
  • Paging Amplifiers and Speakers
  • Headsets: Wireless and Corded
  • Battery BackUps / UPS
  • Cable, Jacks and Face Plates

This is just one more way, Delta Intellicom goes the extra mile when it comes to taking care of our Telecom Customers in the local Baltimore, District of Columbia Region.


To view a list of equipment sold, installed, serviced, and supported by Delta Intellicom, please click HERE.

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