2022 Telecommunication Trends Shaping the Industry

Delta Intellicom Telecommunication Trends
Technology is always moving forward, even in the telecommunications industry.

For the telecom industry, adapting to rapidly evolving consumer demands while navigating the redefined post-COVID precepts of business itself is no small task. Judging from expert opinion and observable trends, one might soundly conclude that the key to surviving—or better yet, to thriving—lies in embracing digitization and, more specifically, expanding interconnectivity. The latter has emerged as a linchpin of telecommunication trends in 2022.

Read along below for details and analysis of the trends currently shaping this industry. 

The Internet of Things

An abridged history: Once upon a time, the internet was mostly only accessible to the general public via PC. Eventually, smartphones came to be, then reached ubiquity, and now everything from watches to doorbells has online functionality. The nascent “next big thing,” and a logical next step, is the Internet of Things.

This term refers to a bionic ecosystem of sorts wherein a group of nominally disparate hosts are linked for active cooperation to achieve some specific goal—without the need for direct person-to-person or person-to-computer communication. (Note that humans do design the systems and are often “things” within them.)

Illustrative example: a heart monitor with 5G and WiFi capabilities recognizes a cardiac emergency underway and, in a predesignated sequence, autonomously transmits relevant data (-current bio-readings, GPS location, medical history, etc.) to another “thing”—the initiation of a lightning-quick sequence ultimately responsible for requesting, enabling and facilitating life-saving medical assistance.

To reiterate/clarify: in this hypothetical (though not theoretical) example, the victim is fully incapacitated and emergency aid is summoned to their exact location without any human initiating the process.

The consensus is that there’s untold business potential in finding novel but genuinely useful ways to incorporate IoT systems into daily (consumer) life.

5G and WiFi 6 

These current “top tier” network iterations have speed and performance capabilities up to 100x greater than their respective predecessors.

Global 5G network connections are on track to surpass 1.3 billion in 2022.

5G and WiFi 6 can function in tandem to further boost power and reliability, enabling operant conditions for (e.g.) IoT systems.

Telecoms are continually seeking new methods/applications for this technology, with promising results in such varying fields as medicine, transportation, and infrastructure.

Cloud Tech

Cloud technology has become remarkably efficient—to the extent that telecommunication companies making the switch to fully Cloud-based data storage are experiencing a certain “incidental” benefit: newly-freed-up resources (i.e., the machines and humans formerly handling data storage) for allocation in more creative and potentially lucrative endeavors.

By 2026, the (choate) cloud market value is estimated to reach $74B, nearly a 300% increase from 2020.

During the interim, telecoms—particularly communication service providers—will continue moving to the Cloud in droves. This may be the clearest and “tangible” of any telecommunication trends underway, though the (linguistic) irony of such a statement is, of course, palpable…

The Internet of Things, facilitated by 5G and WiFi6 networks, relies heavily on Cloud-based tech. As stated, interconnectivity is the name of the game for telecommunication trends in 2022—and likely well beyond.

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