3 Emerging Trends in Call Centers

Today, technology is evolving rapidly in almost all fields of the commercial world. It is no longer sufficient to simply have the best call service software or the best wiring equipment at call centers. In fact, new technologies expand the boundaries of what we thought would be present in the data and telecommunications field. Let’s discuss a few of these emerging trends that are transforming call centers.

Omnichannel Service Strategies

With the substantial presence of social media and numerous devices available to consumers, we can safely assume more customers will research and connect with a potential business in several different ways. Despite the differences between a call center and a contact center, an omnichannel strategy can benefit both operations immensely. This new strategy allows customers to experience seamless communication with business representatives, regardless of the device or medium they use. 

Customers today, especially younger generations, will attempt to instant message or use a text-based approach to communicate with businesses. By integrating company social media accounts, email, and SMS based services into a single call center or contact center, one can streamline the customer service experience. This will avoid the amount of friction the customer may experience if multiple types of equipment or services are required. Further, organizing equipment, personnel, and management into an omnichannel approach will not only help customers but will also help employees be more efficient at their jobs.

Cloud-Based Tools and Services

There are many reasons to employ a cloud-based setup for call centers. One reason is a cloud-based approach gives small businesses the ability to outsource their data management infrastructure and IT administration to a provider. They will no longer have to budget for hiring, training, and managing the employees and equipment. Additionally, with cloud-based call centers, employees do not have to be located in the same spot. These two benefits are among the top reasons to employ cloud-based call centers and can result in more money being diverted to other core business areas.

Advanced Self Service Tools

As mentioned, many customers will attempt text or email-based communications first in order to save time. Having robust systems for call center customer experience in place to adapt to your customers’ needs will result in higher customer retention and satisfaction rates. One self-service tool could be setting up a call menu to handle straightforward transactions or finding information.

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