4 Trends in Video Conferencing

Gone are the days of all your business operations being managed from one central location. With advanced technical capabilities, it has become more convenient and efficient for company communication to take place from anywhere you are. If your representatives have to travel for meetings, or if you have a second location in another state, out-of-office communication and video conferencing are only becoming more effective, but more economical and essential as well. Here are four trends you’ll start noticing (if you haven’t already) in video conferencing.

Cloud-Based Conferencing

Like other forms of business communication, a trend toward cloud-based video conferencing has emerged as well. Businesses have an appreciation for its affordability and flexibility. It helps them save time and money in relation to hardware integration and IT management. Cloud-based communication also provides necessary data security and storage.

Using Your Own Device

Since everyone is walking around with their own handheld computers, more companies are embracing the idea of having employees use platforms that they’re comfortable with, which provides more flexibility and mobility. This, of course, also includes tablets and laptops. Cloud-based conferencing allows for the use of apps for these devices that are easily downloadable and accessible from anywhere.

More and Better Mobility

Mobility has been a theme that reaches across all the trends on this list. Mobile video conferencing solutions make business communication much more effective as employees are able to conduct important matters in a direct, face-to-face manner, which lessens the chances of messages getting lost in translation. For sustained business success, it’s necessary that your company be able to keep up with the demands of an ever-evolving technological landscape. When your company has these capabilities, it also lets your customers and business partners know that you are a part of a fully functioning company that has the capabilities to handle their business now and in the future.

Hosted Conferencing

Hosted video conferencing is a great tool, especially for small businesses. This is a solution that is becoming more mainstream as anyone from any location would be able to access the meeting, usually with just a link or log-in.

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