How An Enterprise PBX Can Benefit Your Business

You likely only needed one phone line (maybe even just a cell phone). As you’ve grown and added employees, that single phone needs to stretch further than it should until you eventually add additional phone lines. At some point, that too becomes too cumbersome. This is when you should be considering enterprise PBX. Read on to learn about the essential benefits an enterprise PBX multi-line system could offer your growing business.


The main reason most companies eventually jump to a PBX is the option for automation. Just about any company you call today will at some point have a computer menu of options: “If you know your party’s extension, dial it now, otherwise…” The PBX makes this possible and frees you up to do your work rather than having to be the receptionist. 

Central Control & Routing

A PBX also allows you to have one central number – a mainline number for use in ads; for example, calls coming into this number won’t get a busy signal, even if another call occurs. Your receptionist can then route the calls to the appropriate office or line to address the customer’s questions. You can also set up backup routing options so that if the person they’re calling is away far from your desk, the call can be automatically routed to the next available person on the team.

Easy Internal Communication

When you have multiple phone lines for your business but no PBX, any calls that you make to your other lines are still going out and being routed through the phone company’s exchange. When you have a PBX, that call is routed through your exchange within the building or the hosting site. This can save time and may even save you money depending on your contract with the phone company. 

Cost Control

PBX systems can be set up to allow different types of phone access. You may have employee lines set up to allow incoming and outgoing calls, while the phone in the break room only allows internal calls. You can also keep track of how many calls you’re getting and making each day and how long the rings are so that you can improve customer service training if needed. This level of control can help you keep your costs down and often makes the cost of having a PBX a wash overall.

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