How do Employees Benefit from Personal Unified Communications?

Unified communications has become a highly valued part of a well-functioning business.  The idea behind this concept is that all of the functions of communications in a given organization are unified in order to work seamlessly on one single platform. The widespread adoption of this has led the workforce to become more dispersed and remote, yet there is also an expectation within that workforce that a given employee should be able to work anywhere from any device. How exactly do employees benefit from personal unified communications?

Collaboration is Easy

Within a single personal unified communications platform, employees are able to collaborate as easily and closely as they would if they were in a conference room together. Unified communications grant the ability to reach anyone or gather any information at any time. Having multiple platforms doesn’t allow for the functionality or ease that a unified platform can provide.

Quick Time to Information

Legacy unified communications systems have a higher amount of human latency than today’s fast-paced business environment can tolerate. Users become less efficient because the information they need to access is stored in multiple systems. But within an integrated, personal unified communications system, all of a worker’s applications, data, contacts, work, and other information is stored in a single location. This makes the employee more efficient and the business as whole more productive and profitable.

Collaborative Tools Are Used More Naturally

A well-designed and intentioned unified communications system combines a consistent user experience with pervasive access. This makes employees more likely to use communication applications no matter where they are or when they want to access them.

Optimizing for the Next Generation

Millennials are expected to make up nearly half of the overall workforce by the year 2020. Their tastes and preferences for communication are shifting. These younger workers tend to prefer using tools like video conferencing, live chat, and third party applications. Personal unified communications systems allow these younger workers to use the tools they prefer in addition to more traditional methods.

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