Practice Great Business Phone Etiquette with These Tips

Having the right phone system for your office is only part of the battle, especially if your staff or secretaries could use a little extra help in the polite-and-friendly department! The right business phone etiquette is often the difference between a sale and a loss, or a complaint and a compliment. Here are some of our top tips for great business phone etiquette.

Don’t Let It Ring

Some people let the phone ring and ring before picking it up, but that can lead to frustration on the part of the caller and a negative note from the start. Even worse, most callers will hang up if the phone doesn’t get answered within 5 or 6 rings. Make a habit of answering the phone right away, even if you are in the middle of something else. If you are talking to a customer in person, ask them politely if you can answer the phone and ask them to hold. Adequate staffing is also critical to great business phone etiquette, as understaffing will be harming your public face regardless of who is answering the phone.

Do Rehearse

It sounds silly to rehearse before picking up a phone, but try rehearsing with your phone-answering staff to see how they can improve. Getting used to giving the right answers to questions, not needing to look things up, and keeping a positive attitude the entire time is critical for new employees.

Don’t Go Straight to Hold

When you are overwhelmed and struggling to keep it, it is incredibly tempting to pick up the phone and immediately put the caller on hold. Instead, always take the time to ask if it’s okay to put them on hold. Especially if you have a medical practice, the caller might have an urgent need for you to address so being on hold isn’t an option.

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