The Difference Between Fixed & Non-Fixed VoIP

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Understanding the difference between fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers can help you determine which will suit your needs.

For many people, knowing the key distinctions between fixed and non-fixed VoIP can be slightly confusing — but the reality is the differences are easier to understand than you might initially think. In fact, the differences between fixed and non-fixed VoIP are not necessarily all that complex overall. The reality is that fixed VoIP phone numbers tend to be located or associated with an account holder’s specific, physical address. Ultimately, the distinction then becomes that a non-fixed VoIP phone number will typically not be fixed to an actual address. That being said, there are some distinctions that should be made between fixed and non-fixed VoIP. Here are the explanations associated with really understanding the difference between the two VoIPs.

How VoIP Actually Works

Typically a VoIP number is set up to represent an actual telephone number. In fact, these specific numbers are then assigned specifically to a customer as opposed to a particular phone line. The reality is that customers can then use that specific line to connect a myriad of different devices like a desk phone, a softphone, and cell phones as well. Ultimately, there are some VoIP numbers that can only be used for internal purposes. Regardless, people dialing into a VoIP number will be using the broadband network as opposed to a traditional telephone line.

Fixed VoIP Numbers

Understanding the difference between fixed and non-fixed VoIP numbers is important. In fact, fixed VoIP numbers are typically ideal for those who are looking to create a VoIP number that is geared towards one specific address. For the most part, these fixed VoIP numbers tend to work well in either a home or an office setting. The reality is that fixed VoIP numbers are very similar to traditional phone lines which is why they typically are the most common types of VoIP numbers used. Ultimately, since these lines are linked to the actual street address, these numbers are usually great if you are really trying to avoid getting spam calls to your home or business. 

Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers

On the contrary, non-fixed VoIP numbers are typically associated with a specific geographical location. In fact, these numbers tend to not require a particular address. For the most part, non-fixed VoIP numbers traditionally work well when you are looking for a volume of flexibility in terms of communication.

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