VoIP Phone Systems: Protecting Against Hacking

We hear about hacking all the time in the news. From big business scares to identity theft via credit card machines, personal and important information being put in a precarious position is not as uncommon as you think. While computers and ATM’s are often cited sources of identity theft, these are not the only serious threats to the security of your business related information. Not many people know or realize that their businesses could also be hacked through their phone system. Hackers can gain access to phone lines and voicemails and cause serious problems. Here are some safety measures you can take to get the most from VoIP phone systems deter hackers and keep your private information and business safe.

Utilize A Voicemail Password Or Code With VoIP Phone Systems

Passwords are one of the most effective lines of defense against those who want to get a hold of your information without your permission. You undoubtedly have password protected numerous other important aspects of your life and business, so implementing this measure is a no brainer. It is also advisable to change your password or passcode every 6 months and to use one that bears no resemblance to any public aspects of your business.

Be Cautious When Using Call Forwarding Options

If you use the call forwarding options, be careful about which number you choose when implementing them. Using an international number for these options can also make it far easir for hackers to gain access to your phone system and create issues.

The Importance Of A Lockout Feature  

Using a lockout feature when trying to gain access to VoIP phone systems is key. Many hackers try repeatedly to gain access even after their first or second attempt does not work. A lockout feature will stop repeated suspicious attempts on your voicemails and also alert you to such activity so you can keep a close eye on your information and always be aware of any attempts on your security.

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