Why Your Business Needs a Cloud-Based Phone System

Cloud-based phone systems are becoming more popular every year, as they become more cost-effective options and businesses big and small experience their numerous benefits. If you are curious about the wonderful world of cloud-based phone systems, here are some of the basics that you should know.

Roam If You Want To

Your cloud-based phone system can go with you wherever you are, as long as there is internet or Wi-Fi available. Cloud-based phone systems are designed to have full functionality anywhere in the world. That makes these phone systems especially useful for businesses with remote workers or small companies that need to connect multiple satellite locations. Modern cloud-based phone systems are also accompanied by apps so that your employees can access the system on their personal smartphones or tablets. The freedom to work from anywhere in the world has never been more of a reality than it is now with cloud-based phone systems!

Lower Your Costs

Small and medium businesses are often focused on cutting operational costs wherever possible. Traditional business telephone systems are very expensive, as they require a steep initial fee, regular maintenance, and then the cost of actually using the phones themselves. Cloud-based phone systems are often only charged as you use them, so if you have a week where no calls are going in or going out, you won’t be stuck still paying tons of service fees, call fees, and maintenance costs. Cloud-based phone systems also cut costs by eliminating the need for physical phone hardware in your office. Cloud-based phone systems are often hosted and maintained by a central company, like Delta Intellicom, so that you don’t need to worry about anything on the back end.

Add It Up

If your business is going to be expanding in the future (and we hope it will!), you need a flexible and customizable phone system. Cloud-based phone systems can be scaled up with the click of a mouse so that you can add lines or get rid of them as your business grows.

Delta Intellicom for Your Cloud-Based Phone System Needs

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