Why Companies Opt to Use Power Over Ethernet

If you’ve never heard or read the phrase “Power Over Ethernet,” you’re not alone (and if you’re picturing some new superhero, you’re also not alone). This is because this is a relatively new idea, but it has been getting progressively more popular within the last decade. There are many benefits to Power over Ethernet, or PoE that help make it an increasingly popular choice as technology and applications advance. If you’re considering implementing this technology, read on for five key ways it can benefit your business.


The beauty of Power Over Ethernet is that it uses a single cabling system, one that you already need for the internet that your business requires to function. Since this system can also carry your power supply, you will save money on the costs of materials (because less wiring is needed) and the costs associated with installation. You will also only need to maintain a single cabling system instead of two down the road, also saving you money. Finally, your power needs can go down with PoE, sometimes by as much as 50% of the normally wasted energy in a traditional system. That will save you money in the long run as well. 


PoE is designed with expansion in mind. The system is set up to allow the addition of new networked devices to be achieved easily, including new technologies as they roll out. If your business can be helped by the addition of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, then PoE is the right power choice for you now and through the future. 


PoE can be integrated into a variety of smart technologies that will help improve operational efficiency in your business. There are appliances that PoE supports that can monitor environmental conditions, space usage, and other factors to give you the data you need to streamline operations. 

Network Control

PoE also gives you greater control over your network, ensuring that your critical systems can stay operational and your systems can continue to back up sensitive data, even during power outages. PoE also offers centralized control and improved management of your network, thus limiting issues from human error.


PoE is scalable and infinitely adaptable. It makes it cost-effective to upgrade and expand as your business demands it. The decision to use PoE today is a decision that will serve your business needs well for the future.

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