Managing Your Business Phone System During an Location Move

Moving your business to a new location can be an exciting time yet stressful endeavor. Throughout this transition process, you want to do everything you can to ensure your business phone system won’t run into any issues. The goal is to quickly move the essential aspects of your business, such as your business phone system, to the new location and get everything up and running smoothly. Here are some tips to make managing your business phone system less hectic during a move.

Opportunity to Take Inventory

Before the big moving day, you should take the opportunity of starting at a new location to assess your inventory of business phone system equipment. Use it as a chance to sort through all of the hardware and note what needs fixing, replacing, or upgrading. You can even identify components you may not need anymore, thus lessening your load for moving day. Further, as you take stock of what you have, devise a plan to pack everything up in an organized fashion. That way, unpacking and reinstalling everything can be a little easier.

Keep Phone Lines Active and Service Uninterrupted

Businesses should try to keep their phone lines active and service customers with as little interruptions as possible during the business move. After all, your business move should not impede your quality of services to your clients and customers. Fortunately, this task is simpler than you think, since you can reconfigure your cloud phone system to connect to a computer or mobile phone app. Employees won’t be scrambling without a desk phone during this transition period.

Schedule Equipment Moving and Reinstallation

If you have a lot of computers, phones, data servers, and other IT equipment to install, call your telecommunications service provider to schedule some help with relocating and reinstalling all of your gear. Your business phone system may only be one aspect among many others that you need to oversee during the move. Therefore, give yourself some space to breathe and relax but trusting some professionals to get your business phone system up and running again.

Test Your Business Phone System at The New Location

As soon as you have your essential business phone system components reinstalled and updated, test out the various features. You want to check that everything is set up correctly for your callers’ and workers’ seamless experience. Also, make some inbound and outbound calls to assess the call quality, test extensions, or reach a voicemail.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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