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The Avaya / Nortel CallPilot

The Avaya / Nortel CallPilot solution fulfills the needs of unified messaging for our enterprise customers by providing advanced messaging features without sacrificing traditional voicemail features in an IT friendly solution. CallPilot does this while being intuitive to use, simple to administer and easy to install and maintain.

With CallPilot Unified Messaging, Avaya delivers a solid application that will improve productivity and allow your enterprise to operate more efficiently.  Unified communications is the unification of presence, real-time communications (IM, telephony, video and application sharing) and near real-time communications (email, voicemail and fax) into a single user experience, anytime, anywhere, over any device. Unified messaging is an integral component of an overall unified communications strategy. Encompassing the near real-time components of a unified communications solution, unified messaging can give your employees immediate access to messages and from virtually any device.
CallPilot provides powerful mobility solutions that are designed to enhance the efficiency of today’s highly mobile workforce. Imagine the convenience of being able to check your email from any telephone — including your mobile phone. This includes being able to access voicemail, email and even incoming faxes from any PC or PDA. Combined with CallPilot’s advanced text-to-speech capabilities, you can make these timesaving features become a reality.

The net effect? A competitive advantage, improved user productivity and reduced business costs. Our breadth of experience and leadership in delivering quality messaging solutions cannot be matched in the industry. CallPilot was modeled after our award winning voicemail application, Meridian Mail, and extended to become a robust unified messaging solution. Because of this, many of the traditional voicemail features that enterprise businesses have come to expect are available in CallPilot Unified Messaging.

Features and Benefits
  • Provides access to email, faxes and voicemail from any touchtone phone or desktop PC
  • Improves user productivity and organization through a single messaging access point
  • Enables the mobile worker to remain engaged with email by phone, speech activated ssaging (SAM), and access to voice and fax messages from mobile email-enabled devices such as PDAs
  • Reduces or eliminates training by providing a simple, streamlined user interface
  • Does not impact email servers or generate high volumes of LAN or WAN traffic
  • Can be used with a variety of client environments, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell Group- Wise, Macintosh, Linux and Citrix
  • Supports multiple systems, including Avaya Communication Server 1000, Avaya Communication Server 2100, Avaya Meridian1 SL-100 and Avaya DMS-100

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