3 Benefits Of A Wired Connection

As technology grows, people seem to grow more and more disconnected. No, not from each other, but from an actual wired connection. A wireless connection means people have mobility while using their devices, easier access, among other benefits. Wireless connections are what is popular and easy to use right now. People forget how useful having a wired connection can be. There are a great many benefits that come along with having a wired connection at your home or business, and you should not jump so quickly into the wireless connection trend. Here are just a few examples of the benefits that come along with having a wired connection.


A big benefit of a wired connection, like an Ethernet cable, is that a wired connection is a reliable connection. With a wireless connection, you have to worry about a slow connection or possibly a potential disconnect. A wired connection keeps you tapped into your service and lowers the odds of completely disconnecting. Additionally, a wired connection creates a more reliable speed that you can expect to depend on. Wired connections have up to three times the download speed that wireless connections have


You should also opt for a wired connection because there is more security with a wired connection. Wireless connections are constantly under security threats. Even a secure wireless connection is at risk of many different kinds of security threats. Meanwhile, a wired connection is a safe connection. When there is a wired connection connected to a wired network, it is self-contained. The only real way to break into it by being plugged into it, which why a wired connection is so much more secure than a wireless one.

Easy To Set Up

Another reason why a wired connection is fantastic is because it is so easy to set up and get started on. Wireless connections can be troublesome to hook up to. You need to hook up to the correct connection as well as have the proper access to it, that no one made a mistake with while logging on to it. Trying to connect to a wireless network can be difficult and cause plenty of headaches when trying to figure out what the issue with connecting is. A wired connection is simple. All you have to do is plug into it. So, why not go with the simple, more beneficial option?

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