Do I still Need Ethernet Cables?

In today’s society, everything is a matter of convenience. From our home lives to our business lives, we are constantly finding ways to make our everyday activities more convenient. One way the business world has catered towards convenience is through wireless internet connections. This eliminates the use of cables and allows employees to access the internet from almost anywhere. While this is often times thought of as more convenient than using Ethernet cables, most business owners fail to realize the benefits that Ethernet cables still hold.

While it may seem like a major disadvantage to use Ethernet cables for your business, Ethernet cables still hold benefits over having a wireless internet connection. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Speed- While many wireless internet providers make it seem as though wireless internet is faster than Ethernet cables, they never mention speed during real situations. The truth remains that there are plenty of frequencies and signals that can interrupt the signal of your wireless internet. Interruptions in the signal will make your wireless internet run slower than if you were to incorporate Ethernet cables.
  2. Security- While there are ways to help build your security with wireless internet, there are still more security risks than if you were using Ethernet cables. WEP and passwords secure wireless internet information; the WEP coding can be hacked easily by someone who is knowledgeable about how to do so. Because the information is being in an open air setting, versus traveling through cables, the codes are easier to hack.
  3. Cost- For businesses who use older models of laptops and desktops, wireless internet will come with a heavier price tag than Ethernet cables. Wireless adapters are needed in order for desktops to use wireless internet in the office will wireless cards are required for older laptop models to access wireless internet signals. While some of these devices are not overly expensive, they are still more money than bulk Ethernet cables.
  4. Downtime- When using Ethernet cables, your laptop or desktop has a direct connection to Internet frequencies. Because of this direct connection, many Ethernet cable users experience very little downtime during their work day. Wireless internet users, especially those who find themselves away from the wireless router, find themselves experiencing downtime more frequently and for longer periods of time. Downtime adds up to costing your business money in the long run.

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