Here’s Why Security Should Be at the Forefront for Businesses with VoIP

VoIP has been a tremendous help to companies since its inception. Many companies looking to technically advance have noted its benefits –  but with that also comes with some potential pitfalls when it comes to security. Security should be forefront on your mind when it comes to using a VoIP system to protect from security breaches, fraudulent activity, and DDoS Attacks.

DDoS Attacks

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is a concerted and coordinated effort to flood a network with requests. In the case of DDoS attack, your network isn’t penetrated but it is flooded with busy signals to make the system unusable. To avoid these kinds of attacks, it is important to work with your VoIP provider to provide security in the form of detection systems and deployment methods that allow your team to understand what is happening to your system.

Fraudulent Activity

Any organization that sells or uses VoIP services can be a victim of fraud. In some cases, a company will not realize that there has been fraud until a bill gets sent to them. When selecting a VoIP provider, make sure they offer fraud detection and protection. One way to avoid fraudulent activity is to put more authentication systems in places like plugging in a user’s phone number or personal passcode questions.

Consider Carefully

Perhaps you have never been a victim of fraud or DDoS Attacks and you aren’t in fear of someone breaking into your system because you feel like it wouldn’t be worth it or you are just not likely to be a victim of it – unfortunately this may not be the case. Fraud and attacks can happen to anyone, anywhere. While VoIP has been a really amazing assistance to companies around the world to feel more connected it does put your network and users at risk. Give yourself peace of mind and put security in place when establishing your VoIP network.

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