How Artificial Intelligence is Helping Telecommunications

Backed by rapidly developing technology, the telecommunications field is one area where we’re seeing unprecedented growth. It doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, with big changes coming in terms of mobile networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). While many factors are causing this telecom boom, one that can’t be underlooked is the growth of artificial intelligence within this field. How is AI intertwined with the growth of the telecommunications industry? Let’s take a look.

Network Optimization

We currently use artificial intelligence to help build self-optimizing networks, which essentially automate the network optimization process based on traffic information, time zone, and region. These algorithms are able to detect, and even predict, network anomalies—helping keep their customers happy by proactively fixing network problems before they even begin. Predictive networking could pave the way to network stability that we’ve never seen before, so it’s an exciting marrying of technologies.

Virtual Assistants

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you’ve likely used virtual assistants in the past. Many companies rely on them for basic customer help on their platforms and are getting better at automating many processes that would otherwise require a huge investment in infrastructure and employees. When a customer needs to go through a process that’s essentially self-service, it simply doesn’t make sense to keep your call center operators busy with something that can easily be automated with artificial intelligence.

Predictive Maintenance

A lot of what machine learning is used for is predictive solutions. In telecommunications, this could mean anticipating equipment failure and allowing companies to proactively repair all kinds of hardware. What this means in practice is that instead of your internet going out for an entire day, artificial intelligence may enable a telecom company to know about a failure point before it happens and send a team out to fix the issue before it even actually occurs.

Process Automation

There are a huge number of telecom processes that happen every day, many of which are at the hands of humans, who are inevitably going to make many mistakes in the process. Automating these processes can either remove mistakes from the equation or simply give telecom employees the tools they need to better react whenever an issue arises. Telecommunications companies are investing millions upon millions into their artificial intelligence and we’re beginning to see the results of those investments.

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