How the Telecommunications Industry Changed for the Better in 2020

Here are a few subcategories within the telecommunications industry that are on the rise in 2021.
5G cellphone towers were a great technological advancement in the telecommunications industry to come out of 2020.

2020 was a rough year for most of us, but one good thing to come out of was the rise of telecommunications technology and industry. In 2019, industry heads were already preparing to make 2020 their biggest year yet in terms of advancements. But no one expected a deadly global pandemic to force millions to work and learn from home to make their efforts significantly more important. Here are a few subcategories within the telecommunications industry that grew tenfold in 2020, making them great technologies to look out for as we continue 2021.

5G Telecommunications Data

Fifth-generation cellular data, more commonly known as “5G”, is a broadband technology in development as early as 2018. The broadband builds off of the pre-existing fourth generation but allows for a much faster internet connection without WiFi routers. 5G also expands the internet bandwidth so more devices can use it without it becoming laggy or slow. Originally, 5G was intended for launch in 2021. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, existing telecommunications towers were quickly converted to 5G compatible towers, and it was released in mid-2020 for most cell phone networks. 

The Rise of IoT and Smart Cities

IoT, short for “The Internet of Things,” are devices that allow a person to connect to the Internet via a network. Many times, IoT devices are used in business servers which allow for monitoring and data security. What is unique about IoT devices is that they are usually inanimate and are activated via a control panel. An example is a home thermostat that links all heating and cooling activity to an app. Smart cities are a new concept based on the interconnectivity the Internet provides. A smart city is a microcity that allows all residents to form an Internet-controlled cloud to control their services, such as heating and water. Before 5G, this was only something in the planning stages, but seeing how successful 5G was in 2020, smart cities may begin to appear worldwide as soon as this year.  

Telecommunications Artificial Intelligence

Most telecommunications industry businesses generally fall somewhere within customer service and network optimization via a call center. AI systems throughout 2020 were very helpful in sorting out simple or easily solved questions as not to take away from more complex solutions from real live telecom experts. A huge influx in customers using phone systems for online inquiries this past year caused the need for AI to be developed at a much more rapid rate. Some say that by the end of this year, 85% of customer inquiries may be answerable by trained AI programming.

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