Returning to the Call Center After Remote Work

In many states, including Maryland, the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be a relative thing of the past. This also means that the era of remote working is over for many call center employees, and many will be returning to in-person work by the end of the summer. However, it’s been around a year and a half since many call center employees have stepped foot inside of a physical call center, and there will likely need to be some adjustments made for a comfortable and smooth transition back. Here are a few tips on how to adjust the atmosphere of your call center so returning employees will be happy and comfortable.

Reconsider Antiquated Sick Policies

Even though COVID-19 cases are on a rapid decline due to vaccinations, it is still not 100% out of the cards just yet. Since so many people were at home last year, there is expected to be an illness boom of other illnesses this year, such as the common cold or stomach bugs, simply due to the lack of exposure. Many call center employees are still very worried about contracting COVID or another illness, so it’s probably a good idea to adjust the sick leave policies. If an agent is feeling unwell, especially with symptoms of COVID-19 or flu such as coughing, fatigue, or shortness of breath, they should be encouraged to stay home and take a sick day. This may include allowing more sick days than normal to ease employees’ worries. 

Restructure the Office

Along with sick leave, there are likely a lot of worries on call center employee’s minds, such as social distancing, physical phone equipment sanitation, and other means of cleaning. Therefore, it is a wise idea to assign each agent to a socially distanced cubicle where minimal contact with other agents and equipment not of their own personal use is required. This way, returnee employees may feel safer in their own surroundings. Masks should also be optional for those who want to or feel more comfortable wearing them, as long as they are within your company’s dress code standards.

Mental Health Considerations

Finally, remember that the last year and a half has been very rough on a good amount of people, including call center employees. The overall mental health of the adult population was very much affected by the pandemic, and a lot of it grew due to frustration with technology. To prevent further stress, make sure to update all the call center technology to whatever is the easiest to operate and use for the sake of your employee’s happiness. 

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