Tackling Computer Networking for Small Businesses

These days, technology and small businesses go hand in hand, especially after seeing the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although quarantine life has finally settled down in the DMV, the reality is crystal clear: small businesses cannot survive without the use of technology and the internet. Even a business that is service-based must use technology to its advantage to make sure coupons are sent and reviews are available to potential customers. But none of this is possible without computer networking. Computer networking can quite literally become the backbone of any small business, so learn how to implement it with this helpful blog post.

Computer Networking Design

Computer networking for businesses is very different from computer networking at home. At home, you likely rely on a regular internet provider and a wireless router. Since you likely won’t need heavy-duty internet connectivity and/or high speeds, a simple router made for regular browsing should work fine at home. But a small business requires much more complex steps than just a simple wireless modem. To get started, you’ll need a router, modem, digital firewall, switches, LAN cables, access points, repeaters, and a patch panel. A modem is essentially what connects your small business to the world wide web. A router, on the other hand, allows for device access to the modem. Routers generally operate based on how many devices, such as laptops, phones, and personal computers, are connected at once, and make sure not to overload the modem. If you expect to be using a lot of devices at once, you’ll likely need a much more powerful router and modem combo than the average one sold. 

More About Firewalls

A firewall is essentially a blocking tool meant for protecting valuable security information from viruses or trojan horse infections transferred via the internet. As a business owner, you must always be careful with your computer networking since your personal network will likely have access to critical business information such as payroll, bank accounts, and accounting records. A firewall essentially helps to add an additional level of protection against viruses by filtering out any known attack programs. This is a crucial step in maintaining the integrity of your business.

Other Computer Networking Tools

Now that the largest stuff is out of the way, we still need to talk about the accessories that help make everything work smoothly. Try integrating software that helps keep your finances in order, or perhaps an automated contact center program on your website or network. 

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