Three Types of PBX Phone Systems to Consider For Your Business

PBX phone systems have truly revolutionized the telecommunication industry over the years. PBX (or public branch exchange) systems have basically eliminated the need for phone operators, a role in which there was plenty of user errors that could occur, especially in sophisticated, confidential environments. PBX phone systems essentially reroute any phone call to the desired extension by using a pre-programmed process of elimination method to further enhance the efficiency and timeliness of business phone calls. Any business in any sector can greatly benefit from PBX phone systems, but there are many different types out there to choose from. Here are the three basic types of PBX phone systems and how to ascertain which one is right for your company.

Traditional PBX System

This type of PBX phone system is the oldest form still available on the market. It makes use of a landline phone wire and a physical hardware box. This type of phone system is very expensive to install, and you will likely be working with a phone service provider company to have the required phone wires set up as well. However, this may be the only option for companies with certain requirements, such as the use of an older system or poor wireless internet connection or service quality. Traditional services also have a good amount of security assurance as compared to other forms, especially with internal confidential calling. 

On-Site PBX Phone System

An on-site PBX phone system is very similar to a traditional system, but there are a few differences. On-site uses digital phone signals and networks to make calls rather than analog phone wiring and lines. They also make use of customized hardware to be able to analyze and track the data. One downside to on-site PBX phone systems is the installation costs since the hardware is often expensive due to its customizable nature. However, setup and installation time are greatly reduced compared to traditional PBX.

Cloud-Based PBX Systems

Cloud-based systems are the most recent development in PBX phone systems technology. They require no additional hardware installation other than the phones themselves because everything runs automatically through internet-based software. Cloud systems are the best value and are recommended for most companies looking to install PBX phone systems. They are the easiest to maintain, least expensive to install, and usually more simplistic to use. The only downside to Cloud-based systems is the need for a strong and reliable internet connection. 

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