Tips for Setting Up a Business Voicemail

Your company’s success may hinge on making high-quality or high-volume calls. In that case, we have various solutions, such as predictive dialer and reliable phone system equipment, to support your business efforts. 

However, many businesses are also expected to take and answer thousands of calls. The way these incoming calls get addressed impacts customers’ and business partners’ impression of your company. Your business may use automatic call distribution centers or simultaneous ring features to help manage the call volume, and get callers the assistance they need. However, don’t underestimate the power of the business voicemail. Setting up a pleasant and helpful business voicemail message goes a long way in managing caller satisfaction and your brand reputation.

Script and Rehearse

As an overall tip, remember to write out the voicemail message and practice saying it before recording. Seeing your script will help you determine if you mentioned all the essential points in your message, prevent any stumbles in delivery, and help keep your message concise. Even if the voicemail redirects the caller based on a preset menu, you’ll need to get across the significant pieces of information quickly and clearly.

Who, When, and What

The three major components of your message are as follows:

  • State who you are, including the company name and the department or person the caller has reached. If necessary, briefly state what services your extension can offer, so the caller knows they have reached the correct department.
  • Tell the caller when they should expect a callback or the next available representative. Also, add the business’s or the department’s hours of operation, or any holiday hour changes.
  • Ask the caller specifically for what information they should leave in a recording if applicable. Without naming some guidelines, their message may end up rambling and omitting relevant information. Some essential information would be their name, a number to call back, best time, and a brief explanation of their issue or nature of the call.

Speak Slow

To prevent your voicemail message from being longer than necessary, try to relay your whole message within 30 seconds. However, remember to speak slowly and clearly for the listener to comprehend your message and follow-up instructions. Again, writing out and practicing your message will help with your delivery when you record it.

Update Often

You’ll also want to keep your business voicemail fresh as time goes on. With each change of season, policy, or even special promotion, update your voicemail message with new information and announcements. For direct voicemails of specific departments or people, this tip is especially helpful to note particular service or hours of operation changes that typically happen on a more individual basis. 

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