4 Signs to Watch for if You Suspect Your VoIP System Has Been Hacked

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is more popular now than ever before, thanks to its versatility and affordable cost. However, it does have some unique vulnerabilities that business owners need to be aware of. Your VoIP system could be exploited and used as a tool for fraud by opportunistic criminals. What are the signs your VoIP system has been hacked?

Strange Webcam or Microphone Activity

One of the first signs that your VoIP system has been hacked is your webcam or microphone not functioning properly. If your camera seems to turn on automatically or you notice that your microphone is on when you have not turned it on, someone might be listening to your conversations and attempting to gain access to confidential information. Take action immediately to protect your system. 

Internet Searches That Direct Elsewhere

It’s normal to need to perform Internet searches while you are talking with clients or customers. However, one of the signs that your VoIP system has been hacked is Internet searches that forward you to another website. If you notice strange toolbars, requests to install software or your web browser simply is not cooperating with you, it’s time to reach out to your service provider. 

Changes to Your VoIP Bills

Another one of the biggest signs that your VoIP system has been hacked is sudden or dramatic increases in your bill amount. Most companies rely on VoIP services because they’re an affordable alternative, but criminals sometimes use these systems as a way to place calls to premium numbers that they own. This gets them money, and it also costs you a great deal. If there are any unexplained charges or strange increases in your bill, you may have been compromised.

Irregular Call History

Do you notice calls on your VoIP bills that you or your employees did not make? This is another one of the signs that your VoIP system has been hacked. One of the biggest red flags is noticing calls to premium numbers or international numbers that you did not make.

Know the Signs Your VoIP System Has Been Hacked with Delta Intellicom

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