5 Exciting Phone System Features

Phone system features go a long way toward helping or hindering your business productivity. Here are five new exciting phone system features that you’ll look forward to implementing into the rest of your communication functions.

Call Forwarding

Being able to forward your calls is not all that exciting nor is it new. However, new technology has taken this familiar feature and made it even more convenient and accessible. The Find Me, Follow Me feature means that you’ll never miss an important call. You can forward your calls to any device and set filters for when you’d rather not be bothered.

Voicemail Transcription

Sometimes our busy schedules don’t allow us the time to sit and listen to our daily voicemails. With voicemail transcription, you can receive the message while you’re in a meeting or in a loud environment. Instead of holding your phone up to your ear, simply read the transcription like a text.

Easy Network Expansion: VoIP

With traditional phones, each physical phone needs its own phone line. VoIP phone networks allow businesses to add as many phones to the network as needed. They connect to your computer network either directly through computers or into the network itself. Software phones require even less as they operate with software on your computer.

Monitor, Whisper, Barge, and Record

Voice calls have gone digital. This means that you’ll be able to easily integrate advanced features with your phone. The monitor feature allows for listening in on calls while the whisper will allow a manager or supervisor to speak to the internal party. The barge feature allows another party to join a call already in progress and record starts two-way recording.

Intuitive Browser Interface

The intuitive browser interface allows you to access all these new features in a simple way. The interface will easily allow you to make changes and configure the system in a way that suits your business functions. Change your greetings, view stats, and manage calls all from the browser interface.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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