6 Benefits Of eFax

The emergence of eFax has enabled fax enthusiasts to shift from traditional machine faxes to online faxing. This has made sending and receiving faxes easier and achievable in the current world where everyone is switching into paperless business. This article is for those who are still using the traditional faxing methods or have stopped faxing altogether. Below are some benefits of using online faxing!

Online Faxing Saves Time & Money

Online faxing enables users to send and receive faxes all over the world. Interestingly, you do not need to purchase a fax machine, printing paper, or ink toners. All you need is an email. With the development of mobile apps today, you can effortlessly send, receive and even sign essential documents from your mobile phone.

eFax Is Affordable

Many businesses have realized that online fax services are way cheaper and cost-effective than purchasing and maintaining old-fashioned fax machines.

Environmentally Friendly

With the changing climatic conditions, every business is on the run to save the environment. If you a looking for a safer way of communication, online fax is the thing for you. since faxes are sent and stored electronically, there is no need for paperwork. Therefore, trees that could otherwise be cut to make papers are spared. Also, since there is no need to print out copies, inks made through environmentally critical processes are minimized.

No Storage Worries

A giant fax machine needs to be placed on a desk which consumes office space. However, eFax solves this problem since all you need is a working email address. So, there is no need for the counter or desk space taken up by the traditional fax machine.

User Friendly

Internet fax is easy to install and use. To use online fax services:

  • You require a computer or mobile phone with access to the Internet. 
  • Subscribe to a plan (there are some free options).
  • Download and install a fax app or visit a fax web page on the browser, and follow a few simple directions to complete the one-time setup. 
  • It’s surprisingly easy and doesn’t involve rocket science to figure out the process.

Online Faxing Is Secure

Most of the eFax services rely on OpenSSL or related encryption systems to ensure your safe data transfer. As a result, no one else can read the content of faxes, only the sender and receiver. Additionally, as no physical fax machine is stored in a room, no unauthorized persons will accidentally access the received fax.

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