6 Signs Your Business Needs a New Phone System

Spring is the best time of year for spring cleaning and spring upgrading around your home and your office. If you find yourself looking for more with your business phone system, it might be time to upgrade! Here are 6 common signs that your business needs a new phone system.

Your Phone System is Outdated

Many businesses are still holding onto the phone systems they had when they opened their doors twenty years ago. Even if your phone system still works fine, you are missing out on many different modern options and paying more for servicing and power than you would if you upgraded to a new phone system.

You’re Making a Move

If your office or company is changing locations, it’s the perfect time to change to a new phone system. Instead of worrying about transporting and re-installing the old system, take advantage of the fresh start to makeover your phone system.

You’re Running Out of Capacity

Is your business growing rapidly? Your outdated phone system might not be able to handle the increase in call volume or number of ports that you need. New phone systems are designed to accommodate large demand and can even utilize VoIP systems to give you more options than ever before.

You’re Getting More Calls

If business is booming and your phone lines are ringing off the hook, an older phone system can’t handle the volume. New phone systems can deal with adding new users and ports easily to adapt quickly to new employees and new increases in call volume.

You’re Expanding

Are you opening a new location? Just like making an office move, having to purchase a new system for one location means a volume discount for purchasing more than one new system. A new location is the perfect opportunity for upgrading your company-wide phone system as well.

You Need More Options

The biggest reason that many companies upgrade to a new phone system is needing more options. New VoIP phone systems offer tons of different tracking and calling options to meet all of your business needs.

Delta Intellicom for Your VoIP Needs

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