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Benefits of Call Recording for Your Business

Benefits of Call Recording for Your Business delta intellicom

One of the best reasons to record calls is that it allows you to have another tool to improve customer service.

Phone calls are an important part of your business. In most cases, your business phone systems are one of the major ways your business connects with customers by answering questions or following up on leads. And in most cases, these phone calls go well (hopefully). For those times when they don’t (or even when they do but there’s still something misunderstood or misremembered), it helps to have a recording of the call to refer back to. Call recording offers quite a few benefits for your business.


Improve Call Quality And Customer Service

One of the best reasons to record calls is that it allows you to have another tool to improve customer service and call quality when customers access your business by voice solutions, especially for remote workers you may not see perform daily. Recorded calls that go well can be used to identify questions that consistently come up for customers and could be answered better in sales or on the packaging, for instance. Recording calls also makes it more likely that employees will stick to the script and handle calls in the prescribed manner, since they know their records can always be reviewed. 

Discover Issues And Tweak Training

If you find that customers have issues with the service they receive in the call center, recorded calls are a great way to track down who needs additional training or where the miscommunications are happening. Perhaps something is consistently amiss with your script and the script itself needs to be changed. Using recorded calls to identify areas for improvement both by your representatives and in your processes is the best way to improve the entire experience for your customers. 


Protect The Company

Finally, recorded calls can protect your business. It is easy for a customer who is unhappy and didn’t get what they wanted out of a call to make a complaint against the call center rep. Having a recording of the call allows you to protect your employees from false allegations and act on real issues that arise in customer complaints. Recording calls is also a way to protect yourself from potential lawsuits arising from miscommunications. When you have a recording of what was said, you protect yourself from the risk of being sued over what a customer thought they heard. Finally, recording calls also protects you from the potential of employees using the phone system for things other than work when they’re on the clock. 


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