Business Networking: What is WAN?

Delta Intellicom Business WAN
A wide-area network, or WAN, is critical for your business to establish a global network with employees, vendors, contractors, and customers.

Many businesses these days use WAN, or wide area network, for their business networking needs. It’s a great way of sharing data between customers, employees, vendors, and contractors across geographical space because it’s ideal for establishing long-distance networks. 

However, there has been some evolution in the business networking space, and many people use SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) to get around some of the problems associated with traditional WAN. 

Lower Your Costs

Your business WAN can help you rely on broadband more. Organizations are using more and more cloud-based applications which increases the amount of data you’re using. This may potentially increase your costs, but business WAN can help by giving you low-cost local internet access and giving you direct cloud access. If you set your network up properly, it should ultimately lower your operating costs.

Secure Your Network

Despite all the benefits that digital transformation may offer, it can also expose a business to security risks. Given how increasingly worried we all are about cybersecurity, it’s important to consider this. Business WAN can often offer security in the form of firewall and VPN functions. Find a solution with a huge range of integrated security features, including IPS, encryption, NGFW, and more. This can all help to prevent downtime, data loss, or any legal issues.

Better Cloud Services

More and more organizations are taking advantage of the numerous cloud services out there these days. The good news? Business WAN should enable cloud access wherever, whenever, helping eliminate backhauling traffic and going through the data center. This helps your employees directly access cloud applications at any time, which makes you much more nimble and adaptable.

Simple to Use

If your network is relying on digital transformation initiatives, this will ultimately add complexity which translates to more difficulties for your IT team and having more IT staff on hand at remote locations. A more simple WAN infrastructure will help clear up some of that difficulty by using broadband, which can offload non-critical business apps and manage traffic through one central controller. This results in networking that’s easier than ever before.

Better Performance

Network traffic isn’t all the same. Business WAN can be configured to help prioritize anything that’s prudent to your business, like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Pushing critical applications through high-performance connections can help IT teams reduce problems, boost employee productivity, and make everyone happier.

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