Busting 4 Myths About VoIP Phone Systems

As VoIP phone systems grow rapidly in popularity throughout the business world, various myths are gaining popularity as well. Here are four of the biggest myths about VoIP phone systems (and why they are easily busted).

The Sound Quality Isn’t Good

Many people assume that early VoIP phone systems are representative of the current state of things, and that is anything but true. VoIP phone systems depend on your internet connection and network to transmit voice signals and convert them into digital data. When the quality of internet was lower, the quality of VoIP calls was lower as well. Now that internet has taken off and businesses have excellent service, your VoIP phone system can give you crystal clear call quality like you expect. In fact, many customers find that the quality is even better than a landline or cellular phone.

VoIP Phone Systems Don’t Save Much Money

One of the biggest benefits of a VoIP phone system is the incredible cost savings that your business will enjoy on international and long-distance calls. As more and more businesses move towards doing a portion of their business on the internet, dealing with clients and customers all over the world, affordable international and long-distance calls are a necessity and not just a nice thing.

VoIP Phone Systems Are Difficult to Install and Maintain

Many people like landline phones because they are very easy to maintain once they are installed, and VoIP phone systems are no different in that regard. The installation process is pretty simple, and most devices come pre-configured so you barely need to do anything on your end. Once they are installed, your service provider will take care of all of the maintenance.

VoIP is Unreliable

The last myth also pertains to older VoIP systems using lower-quality internet connections. Your VoIP phone system is as reliable as the internet supporting it, so providing that you have a good quality connection you won’t need to worry at all!

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