Choosing Speakers for Your Overhead Paging System

An overhead paging system is useful in many commercial settings and can fulfill different important tasks. For the system to perform at it’s best for your organization, you need to choose the right speakers to work with your needs. Determining what type, where, and how many of these speakers to install at your workplace, from big warehouses to small business offices, can be overwhelming. Here are a few things to consider when selecting speakers for your overhead paging system.

Types of Speakers

The work environment and placement of speakers can determine the most appropriate speaker type for your overhead paging system. There are many types of speakers, but the common three for overhead paging are ceiling speakers, wall baffle speakers, and horns.

Ceiling speakers are suitable for contained, mid-to-low ceiling height facilities, like offices, classrooms, grocery stores, and retail stores. Volumes can be adjusted so that soft background music can be played, but messages get broadcasted clearly. The number of speakers used and space between each depends on ceiling height since the sound disperses to the listener in a downward, conical shape.

Wall baffle speakers can be hung lower on the walls if the ceilings are too high, like at a mall or an airport. Further, in noisier environments, the sound won’t get weakened like it would if the noise traveled from high ceilings. These speakers can be spaced decently apart, about 20 feet.

Horns are used in expansive and loud settings, like warehouses or outdoor areas. These will get mounted off the ground and spaced anywhere from 50 to more than 100 feet apart. Horns, coupled with amplifiers, can project the message far and clearly. 

Sound and Distance

When choosing speakers for your overhead paging system, keep the sound level and distance travel in mind. In a smaller setting, the sound level — and power used — can be lower if the listener is relatively closer to the speaker, like the ceiling-mounted types. Horns need to amplify the sound since the listeners can be working spread out away from the sound source. You can work with your paging system installer to determine which type of speakers will work best for your purposes.

Talkback Capability

Some speakers have talkback capabilities, which are super useful in some settings. Offices and classrooms tend to use this most, where the speaker is capable of picking up responses. Installing these speakers will require hooking the speakers up to the business phone system to enable two-way communication. Power over Ethernet comes in handy here, since the cord can both connect the paging and phone system while supplying power to the speakers.

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