Do you Have Automated Attendants?

Ensuring your clients always feel as though they are being heard by your staff is a major step to take to help with client retention. As soon as clients feel as though they are being ignored, they will feel unwelcomed by your business and will begin to search for services elsewhere. However, the problem occurs when you begin to receive more calls than your staff can handle effectively. In order to successfully attend to each call, you need to implement automated attendants.

Automated attendants can help keep customers happy and satisfied without stressing out your staff. In order to successfully implement your automated attendants, you must consider three things first.

  1. Research- It is important to have a clear understanding of what your clients will experience when they give your office a call. If you don’t conduct research on what your clients will experience when they call, you have no way to make changes or adjustments to keep clients happy. Call your own office before and after the automated attendants are set up to ensure you are happy with what your client will experience when placing a call.
  2. Growth- Consider the rate of growth for your business before making any decisions with your automated attendants. For some systems, this service is a part of a larger voicemail service which could be limited by size. If you are predicting an influx of incoming calls with the growth of your company, be sure that your system will be able to continue to perform correctly.
  3. Script- When your clients hear your automated attendants, they will be hearing a set menu for your business. You want your menu to fit your services and to be easy to understand and use. A confusing script could cause your clients to hang up, which is bad for business. Determine what questions or needs bring in the most calls and offer those main points as menu options.

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