Does Your Office Have A Phone System? Check Out Why You need Unified Communication

Many businesses and work from home employees are already well-versed when it comes to IP-telephony. This includes applications like Skype, which make low-cost or free voice calls through the internet possible. Unified Communications (UC) takes this model and takes it steps forward to utilize other types of communication, including your phone system, and make them as cost-effective and convenient.

What A Unified Phone System Offers

The main aim of UC is cohesive and convenient unification. By combining telephony and business data on the exact same network, it gives businesses a technological edge. Firms can combine and use voice, data, video, and exchange information in their usual business applications, which saves and forwards whole chunks of data and conversation seamless. This is convenient, easy, and offers numerous benefits to any business trying to stay on top of the constantly changing technological landscape.

Protection And Simplicity

A phone system or skype call on its own is not well protected, meaning that sensitive information can easily end up in the wrong hands. UC software, on the other hand, can encrypt or scramble data, making sure that only the person who is meant to receive a message will be able to receive it. Whether this information is travelling by fax, phone system, video call, or email, UC technology ensures that it will be safe. On top of its protection benefits, this technology has large implications for the productivity of employees. UC technology means that employees can use only one phone number or handset and a unified inbox to keep track of all of their communications easily.  

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