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Have I Been Hacked?

Have I Been Hacked?

Keep your systems safe and secure with these tips!

The unfortunate reality is that the number of cybercriminals in the world is growing. As the internet continues to evolve, cybercriminals are getting smarter every day. They are finding new ways to infiltrate your systems. That being the case, it is so essential always to take protective measures with all of your devices. If your computer ever gets hacked, there are some signs that should let you know that you are one of the unlucky ones. Here are ways to tell if your computer has been hacked.

Pop Up Messages

Everyone hates getting popup messages on their computer. They are incredibly distracting and are rather burdensome. If you are getting an obnoxious amount of pop up messages on your computer, there is a reason for concern. Your first step should be to rid your computer of all unnecessary plugins, icons, and toolbars. If you continue to get pop up messages, you should bring your computer to a professional for an inspection.

Your Passwords Are Incorrect

If inputted correctly, your computer password should work the first time around. If you realize that your computer password and others are now incorrect, you may have a significant problem on your hands.

Foreign Items

Always keep an eye out for anything on your computer that looks suspicious. For example, there should not be any new icons on your toolbar or new icons on your desktop. If you don’t think something belongs or something does not look right, have it checked out immediately.

Unknown Purchases

It can sometimes be challenging to keep track of all of the purchases you have made on your credit cards. However, most people can recall everything they have bought by reviewing that online banking history. If you see purchases that look foreign, you may be a victim. You need to file a report immediately and may even need to cancel your cards. It is possible that someone managed to hack into your systems and stole a credit card number.

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