How A Better Phone System Could Help You Win More Business

You want your business to succeed, and your phone system plays a more prominent role in that success than you may think. If your particular business depends on making calls and receiving calls to get customers, you need to use the right phone system and all its features to get you closer and closer to your sales goals. Simply knowing the differences between different business phone systems available to you and making the right choice for your voice solution can greatly impact your business. With this all being said, a VoIP phone system could just be the telecommunication solution that will empower you and your employees to earn more business over the phone!

Prompt Response

Your VoIP phone system can enable your employees to pick up calls in a more prompt manner than when using other systems. For example, you can set up simultaneous ringing, so the first available employee or agent can quickly grab the call and get started with helping your calling customers. VoIP phone systems are as quick as your internet connection, so that’s some fast service!

Getting Relevant Assistance

You can also set up your phone system to put callers through a phone directory menu. This way, their call will get directed to the relevant department or person who can provide the best service for their call request. This will do wonders in improving your business’s efficiency as well as make a great impression on your customer. People are always looking for a quick and concise way to resolve their questions and issues over the phone.

Establish Rapport

Some customers will require multiple interactions before they agree to do business with you. To do this, your business will need to establish a rapport with them. A VoIP phone system can actually connect your employees with a software interface that allows everyone to record call notes, such as those from previous interactions with the customer. Every time the person calls back in, you have a record of what was previously discussed and what phase of the sales process they may be in. Each positive interaction could get you closer to winning their business.

Hold Functions

Nothing is more frustrating during a call than being placed on hold then being ignored. Don’t make your customers feel this way with the right hold functions. After informing your caller that you need to place them on hold to complete a task, you can use message or music on hold to keep the phone call a pleasant experience. If your business depends on earning business through the phone, every detail of the interaction and experience matters.

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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