How Many Lines Does My Business Phone System Need?

Just about every business has a phone system in place these days. A business phone system is so commonplace that it’s actually pretty alarming to customers when they try to contact a business with no phone number. Eventually, any business needs to begin to think about upgrading or entirely replacing their phone system. Part of this is determining just how many lines you’ll need. If you’re looking for how to determine the number of lines your business phone system needs, you’re in the right place.

How Many Employees?

Think about how many employees you have and what their responsibilities are. Does every employee need a phone? You may be in a situation where only a select group of people, say, your sales team, actually needs access to a phone regularly. On the other hand, if your business is mostly doing support work that requires the use of a business phone, each employee may need their own line. The more users you have, the more phone lines you need.

How Many Phones?

Some people opt for digital calling systems. However, plenty of businesses still rely on physical phones for their business phone system. In that case, you’re going to want to think about how many actual phones you’ll have, as that will end up designating the number of lines. For example, if you have three separate offices with their own phone, those three phones would each need their own line.

How Many Numbers?

If a business gets large enough, they may find themselves with multiple offices. In this case, there may be one phone number per officer, as in one business line per building. On the other hand, you may only have one office, but you can reach that office by dialing different phone numbers. In this case, each of those numbers that you are reachable by is counted as one line.

How Many Calls?

Perhaps the biggest factor in how many phone lines you’ll need is the number of simultaneous calls you’ll be able to take or make. One outbound or inbound call takes up one line. A call center may need to make 50 outbound calls at once, whereas a smaller business with one secretary may only be taking and receiving two to three calls at one time. Figuring out how many calls you’ll need to make simultaneously can put you on the right track in terms of how many lines you will need.

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