Reasons Upgrading Your Office Phone System Is A Good Idea

Communication is key to any business’ success. Today, communication is effectively based on technology and the level of investment a company makes into such technology. It is highly unlikely a business owner will wake up and immediately decide to upgrade their office phone system from legacy technology to advanced, modern systems like VoIP. VoIP is one of a few upgrades that can actually save businesses time and money, all while improving call quality. Many business advisors and analysts would agree that more business owners should consider doing this. Let’s look at why your company should upgrade their office phone systems away from legacy technology.

Changing Times

Long were the days where communication was either a phone call or a simple letter. Today, there are numerous forms of communication, all taking place in the digital landscape. These include texts, fax, phone calls, emails, and social media. Legacy technology is not even aware that such forms of communication exist. On the other hand, plenty of newer systems not only support all of these forms of communication, they support them natively and all on the same system. This also allows business owners to manage several streams of communication all from the same place.


If your office phone system’s only function is a busy tone, it is definitely time to upgrade. Newer phone systems come with a host of different functions and abilities. Teleconferencing, multi-call holding, call forwarding, or custom software are among the improvements in modern office phone systems. As mentioned previously, VoIP itself is a huge reason to upgrade your communication lines. VoIP is the accepted technology for effectively all companies. You wouldn’t want to be left behind and designated as a company with outdated tech.

More Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Despite the connotation of an upgrade, many new office phone systems are actually more cost-effective than legacy systems. If you continue to invest in older systems, you’ll find it increasingly expensive to fix and even find a certified technician in decades old technology. Newer technology is also much more scalable and is easy to expand as your business grows. Imagine the headaches of implementing entire legacy systems when you want to open a new office!

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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