The Importance of Data Center Redundancy

If you’re used to working with the English language, you are taught that redundancy is almost always a bad thing. In fact, if you take English classes, you are taught that redundancy is almost always a bad thing. See what we did there? Unlike English, redundancy in data centers is incredibly important! Here are some of the many reasons why data center redundancy matters.

What Does Redundancy Mean for a Data Center?

Redundancy is a way to ensure that your data remains viable. Data center redundancy is defined as ensuring that data is predictable and reliable every day. Redundancy offers your data center peace of mind and reassurance that your business can continue to properly operate even if a portion of your data is corrupted or damaged.

What Happens Without Redundancy?

One example of what happens when the worst, well, happens is from Fairfax County, Virginia. A huge windstorm took down the county’s 911 emergency system and a whopping 2.3 million residents went without 911 service for many days. The storm interrupted the power supply for the 911 service and a generator failed to activate properly. Luckily, nobody died as a result of this massive failure. However, the lack of redundancy could’ve harmed thousands of lives.

Why is Redundancy So Necessary?

That case perfectly highlights why you need many levels of redundancy. Even with the proper generators and a back-up plan, when one portion failed and another portion went down, the entire system was useless for days. You don’t just need a back-up plan, you need a back-up back-up plan (and maybe even more, depending on the level of sensitivity of your information). Make sure that your equipment is redundant and not just located at one data center, so that if one is negatively impacted by a power issue or disaster, there are still back-ups in place.

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