Tips for Better Video Conferencing

During this time, while many are turning to video conferencing for telework, a few things can go grand, and others can go very wrong. Many people have experience video conferencing and participating in virtual calls in the office, and some are adjusting to working with this useful telecommunications tool at home. Whatever your circumstances may be, we have a few tips for you to practice for better video conferencing.

Distraction-Free Background

Before the video conferencing call starts, you want to make sure you’re in a distraction-free place and can create a neutral background to match. This can include visual and auditory distractions, like family members and TV at home, or coworkers and noisy office chatter at the office. Frame yourself as the focal point of the screen, so when you participate in the online meeting, everyone can pay attention to you and not whatever is going on behind you.

Boost Computer Performance

Make sure your computer can run your video conferencing software with ease by boosting performance where possible. Close any background apps you won’t be needing during your call, as this can use up too much power and memory. Check to see if your internet connectivity is stable. You may need to sit closer to your router or use an ethernet cord during your call.

Check “Do Not Disturb” or Privacy Precautions

If you’re presenting something over the video call and will be sharing your screen with others in the call, take some measures to protect your privacy and prevent disturbances. You can enable a Do Not Disturb mode to prevent private messages and alerts from popping up. Additionally, you can sign out of or close browsers with information you don’t want to share with your audience.

Act Like You’re Meeting In-Person

During the meeting, conduct yourself with manners and other etiquettes you would otherwise use in an in-person meeting. Behaviors include showing up on time, speaking with professionalism, wearing work-appropriate clothing, and refraining from checking other tabs or your phone while in the conference. If you are addressing others, try looking into your web camera rather than looking at the screen. This makes you, as the speaker, feel more engaging during your meeting.

Be Organized and Send Files Ahead of Schedule

If you are hosting the meeting or have topics you wish to bring up during the video conference, gather everything you need beforehand. Stay organized with the right notes, documents, and other items you need at the ready. Also, if there are items that need to be shared with others in the meeting, distribute these in advance in an email or over eFax. This way, others can review the information before joining the call, which can save everyone a lot of time and confusion.

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