Understanding Best Practices for Using Public Wi-Fi

At some point, everyone with a mobile device will feel tempted to log onto public Wi-Fi, even while having full knowledge of the risks. The full mobility of smartphones, tablets, and even laptops means that people require internet access while they’re away from the security of their internet connections. It’s probably more beneficial to learn how to use public Wi-Fi safely rather than encourage people not to use it altogether. From coffee shops to the medical office waiting rooms and even department stores, public Wi-Fi access is waiting for you to connect your devices and get online. Here are some of the best practices for using public Wi-Fi.

Types of Public Wi-Fi

There are two types of public Wi-Fi. You can access the internet through either a secure or unsecured connection. Unsecured networks don’t require any password or login information. Anyone within range can access it. Secure systems require some form of password or log in and will have users agree to a specified set of legal terms to gain access.  

Things You Should Do

When using public Wi-Fi, make sure that you choose to use secured networks only. If you’re in a situation when you have to use an unsecured network, make sure that it requires a password that the venue offers to customers or clients. When you go out, make sure that your device does not have automatic connectivity selected. Check the Wi-Fi settings of your device and switch it off or to manual. Another feature you should monitor is your Bluetooth connection. If you leave it on in public, it can put you at risk of communicating with a device with infected malware or other software aimed at stealing your data. Using a virtual private network, or VPN will enhance your cybersecurity when using public Wi-Fi because it encrypts your data and secures your information.  

Things You Should Not Do

The first thing that you shouldn’t do is access any of your bank accounts or other sensitive personal data while using public Wi-Fi. Next, don’t do any shopping or other activities that will require you to input your credit card or other personal information. Finally, make sure that you never leave your devices unattended. It leaves you vulnerable to the theft of your personal information and the device itself.

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