Understanding KSU, PBX, and PABX Phone Systems

If you’ve come to this blog, you are probably an office, facility, or business that wants to add a brand new phone system to make your business more connected with the outside world. Phone systems are at this point essential to any business simply because they allow for customers and representatives to communicate in an effective manner from virtually anywhere. But let’s be honest, most people just don’t know the different types of phone systems all too well outside of the industry. It can be rather difficult for a newcomer to understand, after all. KSU, PBX, and PABX are all very similar sounding acronyms. But, luckily, you’ve found the right place with Delta Intellicom. Wondering about the differences between KSU, PBX, and PABX phone systems? Read this to learn which is the best fit for your business facility.

KSU Phone Systems

KSU, or key service utility systems, are a basic multi-line telephone system. The KSU system is perfect for small businesses that employ around 50 people or less. This is because KSU systems generally are not as sophisticated as some other types of phone systems. However, they are very simple to use and are especially useful for businesses that do not receive a whole lot of incoming or outgoing phoneline traffic. KSU systems offer everything that a business will need, such as hold lines, speakerphones, intercom, and paging. KSU phones are also much less expensive than PBX or PABX. 

PBX and PABX Phone Systems

PBX is an acronym for private branch exchange, and PABX is an acronym for private automatic branch exchange. Both systems differ from a KSU system in that they allow for call switching while actually on the phone, while a KSU will only allow for redirection to a central calling hub or operator system (PTSN Exchange.) The only obvious difference between the two phone systems is that a PABX is usually a much smaller, more limited version of a PBX system. PBX systems are some of the most sophisticated phone systems available on the market today. They usually are custom designed and equipped with many advanced features that can focus on privacy, protection, ease of use, etc. These are especially useful systems for larger companies that do plenty of business over the phone, especially with an international clientele. PABX is a great system for medium-size companies that do some communications over the phone, but it is not the main component of the business. 

Phone System Solutions from Delta Intellicom

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