When to Repair or Replace Your Phone System

If you find yourself in the tricky situation where your phone system goes down, your productivity can really take a hit. Troubleshooting and repair can be tricky and time-consuming, and you may wonder if the phone system needs to be replaced entirely. Businesses rely on phone systems twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week, so it’s no wonder that they can get worn out. Some phone system issues can be repaired, while others may require you to upgrade your phone system entirely. Here’s our helpful guide to knowing when to repair your phone system and when to replace it.

Communication System Life-cycle

It’s important to plan for the life-cycle of your communications system, since you rely on it to conduct and grow your business. Depending on the hardware and software, most phone systems tend to last somewhere between seven and fifteen years. But the bottom line is, eventually they do wear out and require replacement. Your business may outgrow your phone system or it could fail before you’ve had a chance to upgrade. Regardless of your phone system’s issues, you should know which problems can be fixed and which mean the end of your system’s useful life.

When to Repair

Check to see if your phone system’s manufacturer is still in business and working with the equipment models you use. If they are, there’s a likelihood that your system can be repaired without too much trouble. However, you may be working with an outdated set of phone system equipment that cannot be repaired. Similarly, if you have only had your phone system for a few years or even months, repair is probably the best (and least expensive) route, while older systems may not be so lucky.

When to Replace

If your phone system dies, revisit when you had it installed. Is the equipment more than ten years old? If the answer is yes, chances are that the phone system should just be replaced. After ten years, phone system equipment is usually far outdated and ultimately cheaper to replace with new models. Local connectors may not be familiar with your phone system, leaving you in a tough position where you cannot have it repaired by a reputable professional. This is usually a sign that the phone is extremely out-of-date or hard to track down and difficult to repair.

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