Which Is Better: On-Premise or Hosted Phone Service?

Delta Intellicom On-Premise & Hosted Phone Systems
There’s a significant difference between on-premise and hosted phone systems that businesses should be aware of.

Phone systems are a critical part of any business, and choosing the right one can determine whether or not your employees have access to the tech that they need to get the job done. Two of the most common options for phone systems are on-premise and hosted services. Which is right for you, on-premise or hosted? 

What Are The Differences Between On-Premise and Hosted Services?

On-premise phone systems are also referred to as PBX systems. These are set up so that all of the hardware is on-site in addition to the servers. You will need to come up with somewhere to store the server, and you’ll also be responsible for maintenance unless you partner with a company like Delta Intellicom to make things easier. 

Hosted phone systems are also known as virtual phone systems. Instead of being at your physical location, these phone systems use the cloud. The only things that you have to store at your business will be the phones that your employees use to make calls and a network switch. You will not need to worry about having a server on-site. 

What Are the Benefits of On-Premise Phone Systems? 

Large companies will have higher start-up costs for on-premise phone systems, as they need to buy a large amount of hardware and will also have to buy servers to support them. However, this can pay off in the long run if you are able to maintain your phones well. Additionally, if you want the comfort of having your data stored on-site, an on-premise system might be better when considering on-premise or hosted. 

What Are the Benefits of Hosted Phone Systems? 

Hosted phone systems are generally much easier for small businesses or those who don’t want to spend a lot upfront to have access to the infrastructure that they need. You also don’t need to worry about having a place to store a server. Because hosted phone systems do not require support at your physical business, your system will be much more scalable than a traditional on-premise phone system.

Should You Choose On-Premise or Hosted Phone Systems?

Every business is different, so the phone system that is right for you might not be the one that is right for somebody else. Delta Intellicom can assist your team in determining which option is right for you, on-premise or hosted phone systems.

Make the Right Decision Between On-Premise or Hosted Phone Systems with Delta Intellicom

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