Delta Intellicom

Ahma Medical Billing Professionals

Our company moved on a Friday and our call center was up and running Monday morning. This was amazing to our CEO and employees because there were so many other changes happening at the same time. Delta technicians had their hands full, but allowed us to re-open our call center Monday morning with zero downtime. We had a new Local/Long Distance provider, expansions & upgrades to our existing phone system, plus extension re-mappings, call center messages and new racks and patch panels to hook up.


As a medical billing call center, our phones are the heart of our business. I am glad that we picked Delta, and have continued our support contract. Several other firms we dealt with in the past had bad customer service, technicians without enough training, or used parts that were sub-standard. During the bidding process, we had each competing firm send a technician out to work on the same problem we had with our reporting for call center software, and Delta was the only one that could fix it in one visit. Since the move, Delta technicians have shown me more about the system than I knew prior to the move, making my job as the phone Administrator much easier.


I would recommend Delta Telephone and Cabling and Nortel’s products to any company who depends on their call center to do business.